Enterprising,pragmatic innovation,continuous improvement.

Sharing information and resources with customers to create a win-win situation.

We are committed to the most advanced   technology to provide the quality services.

Leading technical standards.

Reliable trust,attention to details.

Long-term development goals.

Quality products,perfect service,continues to grow and progress together.

          Quality Objectives


  • Accordance rate of 100% in the enforcement of codes and standards.
  • Customer satisfaction rate of 99%.
  • Continuous improvement rate of 99%.
  • Product reject rate of 1.5%.

          Environmental Safety Publicity Slogan


  • Implement cleaner production, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and prevent industrial pollution.
  • Effectively use natural resources and preserve the ecological environment.
  • Protecting the environment is to protect the productive forces.
  • Natural beauty from environment protection and thriving business from     sustainable development.

  • Venture is the source of accidents; caution is the mother of safety.

  •  It is not difficult to prevent accidents, nothing is more important than        observing regulations.

  • Security is to guarantee production, production must be safe, take care and ensure safety all the time.

             Quality Policy


  • “Professional, standard and credible; customer satisfaction is our pursuit.”
  • Professional: Specialized manufacturer conducts and completes the whole process of   products generation.
  • Standard: Product standards in accordance with international general specifications like ASME EN, etc.
  • Credible: Wholeheartedly provide the best quality products for old and new customers.

  • Taking customer satisfaction as its mission, the company continuously improves the     effectiveness of quality management system.