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Are large forgings expensive? What are the precautions for forgings?

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Are large forgings expensive? During the forging process, the billet undergoes obvious plastic deformation, resulting in a large amount of plastic flow. Forging is a commonly used forming method in machine manufacturing. Forging can eliminate the as-cast pores and welding holes of the metal, and the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings of the same material. In addition to simple rolled sheets, profiles or weldments, forgings are mostly used in important parts of machinery under heavy load and harsh working conditions.
Price of large forgings
Are large forgings expensive? The purpose of forging is to obtain qualified forgings whose shape, size and internal structure and properties meet the requirements of the drawings. Forgings should meet two basic conditions: during the deformation process, the material can withstand the required deformation without damage; the force condition, that is, the equipment exerts sufficient deformation force on the workpiece through the die, that is, a specific distribution force.
1. Is the price of large forgings expensive? The choice of forging process is flexible and diverse. Just taking the forming process as an example, the same die forging can be done with different equipment or methods. Under the premise of ensuring product appearance, internal quality and productivity, the basic starting point to be considered in selecting a successful process plan is: economic benefits.
(1) Is the price of large forgings expensive? Save raw materials as much as possible. Try to use near-stock forming or near-static forming to reduce machining. (2) Reduce energy consumption. Not only the energy consumption of a certain process, but also the total energy consumption. At first glance, the energy consumption of cold forging is reduced by omitting the heating process, but we also consider the energy consumption of softening treatment before cold forging and annealing between processes. Non-quenched and tempered steel and residual heat deformation treatment are energy-saving processes. (3) Reduce the deformation force. Trying to use a labor-saving molding method can not only reduce the equipment tonnage and initial investment, but also prolong the life of the mold. This is also the reason why slewing has been widely used in recent years. (4) The process stability is good. A good process should be able to achieve long-term continuous production, rather than low yield or mold damage caused by the pursuit of high single indicators (such as fewer passes and large deformation per pass).
2. Are large forgings expensive? Compared with metal casting, cutting, welding and other processing methods, metal plastic processing has the following characteristics. (1) Metal plastic processing is carried out on the premise of maintaining the integrity of the metal. The change of the shape and size of the workpiece can be realized by the material transfer caused by plastic deformation, and no chips will be generated, so the material utilization rate is high. (2) In the process of plastic processing, in addition to the change of size and shape, the structure and performance of metal can also be improved. Especially for the billet, after plastic working, the structure is dense, and the coarse grains are broken, refined and uniform, so as to improve the performance. In addition, the streamlines created by plastic flow can also improve its performance. (3) Plastic processing is convenient to realize the continuity and automation of the production process, suitable for mass production, such as rolling, drawing, etc., with high labor productivity. (4) The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of plastic processed products are high. (5) The equipment is large and the energy consumption is high.

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