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China's large forging factory introduces you to the forging forming method and process of large forgings

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The invention belongs to the technical field of forging, and in particular relates to a forging forming method for large forgings produced by large forging factories in China. It is a general term for forging and stamping. It is a forming method that uses the hammer, anvil and punch of a forging machine or die to apply pressure to the blank to produce plastic deformation, thereby obtaining the desired shape and size. In the forging process, in order to improve production efficiency, the blank or die is usually preheated. Existing mold preheating methods generally use a preheating device for overall preheating. However, when the size of the mold is large, although the surface temperature of the mold has reached the forging requirements, the mold core has not yet reached the forging technical conditions, that is, the preheating inside and outside the mold is not uniform, resulting in a temperature difference, which is likely to cause cracks, deformation, and fatigue degradation in the mold. and so on, resulting in mold failure. When forging with this die, the forming quality of the forging will be greatly affected.

In order to solve the above technical problems, China's large forging factory provides a forging forming method for large forgings. China's large forging plants have achieved this through the following technical solutions. A large-scale forging factory in China provides a large-scale forging forming method, which includes the following steps:

For molds and blanks produced by large forging factories in China, flame injectors are used to preheat the molds. When the measured surface temperature of the mold is 200-250°C, the molds are installed on the hydraulic press, and the hydraulic press is started to drive the molds to move to make the blanks forged. The process parameters of flame injector preheating mold are: flame temperature 500, preheating time 2 ~ 4h. Flamethrowers use atomized diesel fuel as fuel. The number of flamethrowers is multiple, and the injection ports of the multiple flamethrowers are evenly arranged on the outer surface of the mold. The forging forming method of large forgings in China's large forging factories also includes the following steps: when the temperature of the preset cavity inside the mold is measured to be 300 ~ 350, the mold is installed on the hydraulic press. Large-scale forging factories in China use far-infrared thermometers to measure the surface temperature of the mold or the preset cavity temperature inside the mold. The forging forming method for large forgings also includes the following steps: after preheating the die with a flamethrower, wrapping the die with insulating material, then removing the insulating material before starting the hydraulic press. The insulating material is asbestos. The material of the original billet in China's large forging plants is aluminum alloy. The rated output load of the hydraulic press is 250mn.

To sum up, the beneficial effects of large-scale forgings produced by large-scale forging factories in China are: using the technical solution of the present invention, the preheating process is no longer limited by the size of the die, and the large-scale die can be preheated, which is easy to operate; preheating Then, wrap the mold with asbestos to keep the mold warm before forging to reduce the heat loss inside and outside the mold; and reduce the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mold through heat preservation to prevent the mold from cracking, deformation, fatigue resistance and other failures.

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