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Introduction of oilfield equipment forging facilities

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Oilfield equipment forgings can extract natural gas and oil and other fuels buried in underground oil layers from the ground, and the way of oilfield mining from underground to the surface can be divided into artificial lift and automatic energy according to whether wellbore fluid is needed or not. The spray pattern is suitable for artificial lift oil production, including oil pumping machines, oil production pumps, centrifugal pumps, oil production hydraulic piston pumps and other oil field equipment forgings. Next, the editor will introduce to you one by one how oil field equipment forgings are mined. ?

Oil production is carried out in the form of self-injection oil production, and the source of its energy is because there is oil flow at the bottom of the well, which has its own pressure, and the pressure at the bottom of the well often comes from the pressure of the oil layer, and it enters the bottom of the well with the crude oil. The dissolver often contains an elastic expansion energy, that is, the energy can continuously lift the crude oil from the bottom of the well to the ground, and use the oil well to produce spontaneously, which often requires 4 flow processes, namely adding crude oil from oil The flow of urban flow to the bottom of the well, the flow form that rises from the bottom of the well to the wellhead along the barrel of the well, and then flows from the crude oil to the wellhead and then flows through the nozzle, and is left along the surface pipeline to the separator and metering station, and passes through the wellhead. These four flow processes go from the well to the inside of the oilfield equipment forgings.

The oilfield equipment forgings have relatively simple self-injection oil production equipment, including wellhead devices, downhole pipe strings, ground oil and gas separation, and metering equipment. As well as the level of process technology to determine the casing and size layers and the depth of each casing time, the state between each layer of casing, the well structure and wellhead device of the well are mainly diesel engines, which are used to control And adjust the production of the oil well, so as to guide the oil and gas ejected from the well into the interior of the oil pipeline.

Manage production pressure differentials when using oilfield equipment forgings. That is, the difference between the static pressure and the flow pressure can be piped into the oil layer to achieve the balance of controlling the oil and water flow in the formation and controlling the injection and production (in terms of oil wells), so as to truly tap the production potential of the oil layer. The second is to get all the accurate data. That is, oil well production data, which is the basis for oil well analysis and management, as well as the basis for judging the reliability of static data.

It refers to how much flow pressure and output the oil well needs to work under static pressure to obtain the desired effect. It includes ensuring a relatively high oil production rate; maintaining the balance of injection and production pressures, so that the oil well has sufficient self-injection capacity; maintaining a stable oil production index and continuously improving the flow coefficient of the oil layer; a reasonable production pressure difference should be maintained horizontally and evenly promoted, Long oil recovery period.

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