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Using oilfield equipment forging process

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The oil field starts from exploration, and then confirms that its earth type has reserves, then carries out drilling operations, cementing, and then drills and drills oil and gas layers for construction, installation of oil field equipment forgings, and completion of oil field exploitation preparations. In this process It often marks the beginning of the oil extraction process. Only by completing the technological process of using oilfield equipment forgings can the process of oil and gas extraction be truly realized. Next, I will talk to you about the process of using oilfield equipment forgings to help you better understand oilfield exploitation.

Since crude oil is often collected in the crevices of underground oil and rock layers, and as a relatively special rock structure, it is very dense. If the internal crude oil is to be driven to the bottom of the well, certain measures must be used to drive the crude oil. The main measures can be divided into the following types. The pressure difference can be used to make the spray area more abundant. When the pressure drop of oil production is large, we can use water injection or water vapor injection to supplement the external energy, so that the crude oil It can flow sufficiently, or through measures such as gas injection, so as to increase the internal temperature and reduce the viscosity of crude oil, thereby increasing the flow force of crude oil, which is beneficial to our oil and gas collection work. It is also possible to increase the viscosity of water, reduce the permeability of oil-submerged water, and improve the mobility ratio of water to oil by means of gas injection, so as to adjust the profile to expand the volume and promote its flow.

When using oil field equipment to extract oil, the crude oil mixture will be collected at the bottom of the oil well, and it must be lifted to the ground. This process is called oil extraction, and the production method of oil field will be different according to the production method of oil field equipment forgings. Using the two types of mechanical oil recovery and injection oil production, if the oil layer itself has enough energy, it can not only expel the crude oil in the oil layer to the bottom of the well, but also continuously lift the crude oil in the bottom of the well to the ground. Production wells are called mass injection wells, and oil extraction in this way is called self-injection oil extraction. Mechanical oil extraction is an oil extraction method that lifts crude oil to the ground with the help of mechanical power generated by oilfield equipment forgings. Commonly used mechanical oil recovery methods are: rod pump oil production, electric submersible pump oil production and other oil production methods (such as hydraulic piston pump oil production and gas lift oil production, jet pump oil production and chain pumping oil production, etc.).

In the process of oil production, the produced material of the oil well is actually a mixture of oil, gas, water, mud sand and other impurities, which is difficult to be processed and utilized directly. Gather and lose. The oil and gas gathering and transportation is generally completed by the combined station, and its main tasks are: to concentrate the oil well production for gas-liquid separation; to dehydrate, stabilize, store, heat, measure and export crude oil.

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