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How much is the price of large forgings: analysis of the industrial chain of large forgings industry

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Price of large forgings: industrial chain analysis of large forgings industry

Price of large forgings: Large forgings refer to free forgings produced by hydraulic presses of more than 1,000 tons and free forging hammers of more than 5 tons, as well as forgings produced by hot die forging equipment of more than 6,000 tons and die forging hammers of more than 10 tons. And large forgings are widely used, such as: steel industry, construction machinery and so on. The following is mainly about the industrial chain analysis of the large forging industry.

Overview of quality control of large forgings: Large forgings are objects that press metal into a desired shape or suitable compressive force by plastic deformation. This force is usually achieved by using a hammer or pressure. The casting process builds a fine grain structure that improves the physical properties of the metal. Large forgings are a classification of forgings, large tonnage and large size forgings. Including forgings such as rings, shafts and cakes. Large forging price

The main raw materials for the production of large forgings are steel ingots and scrap, supplemented by ferromolybdenum, ferrochromium, ferronickel, ferromanganese and ferrosilicon. The upstream industry for ingots and scrap is the steel industry. my country's steel industry is greatly affected by the national macro-control and iron ore price fluctuations. Its price directly affects the price of ingots and scrap, which in turn affects the price of large forgings.

Large-scale forgings, as the key basic components necessary for the equipment manufacturing industry, are directly located in the downstream of complete equipment manufacturers in shipbuilding, electric power, construction machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy and other industries, and are ultimately used in various related industries of the national economy. The downstream industry's requirements for technical indicators such as precision, performance, life, and reliability of large forgings dominate the technological trend of the large forging industry, and the prosperity of the downstream industry also directly determines the demand and market capacity of the large forging industry. Large forging price

Features of large forgings: Large forgings are still lacking. Large forging price

Characteristic analysis of large forgings:

Large-scale forging manufacturers have invested a lot of technology innovation funds around products that are urgently needed in China, cannot independently produce new products, and have not yet been fully produced independently. The ability of independent innovation has been greatly improved, and the proportion of new product output value in total output value has continued to increase.

At present, although China's equipment capacity has far exceeded that of France, Japanese steel mills and Brussels, some large castings and forgings have not yet formed production capacity, and product technology cannot support market demand. Large forging price

Some key components and raw materials still rely on imports, and domestic research and development and domestic performance research on castings and forgings are still relatively weak. Compared with foreign advanced industrial countries, there is a certain gap in overall product quality, output and technical level.

Applications: cranes, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, marine engineering, military industry, power generation, etc.

Price of large forgings: The price of large forgings is subject to the actual quotation of the company!

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