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Price of large forgings: matters needing attention in the production of large forgings

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Price of large forgings: matters needing attention in the production of large forgings

Price of large forgings: With the continuous advancement of my country's economic construction and industrial development, the demand for electric power, ships, rolling stock, nuclear power, chemical industry and other industries is becoming more and more urgent, and large forgings are the basis for manufacturing key components of major technical equipment. The role is more pronounced in specific areas such as aircraft, rolling stock, nuclear power and defense machinery. Large forgings play an important role in national economic construction and national defense construction. Moreover, the manufacturing technology of large forgings is an important indicator to measure the industrial level of a country. Forging large forgings is a technically difficult task, and its manufacture needs to ensure the accuracy and stability of the quality. Therefore, it is very important to control the quality of large forgings. On the one hand, it can ensure the stability of quality, and on the other hand, it can promote economic development and national defense construction.

Large forging prices: things to pay attention to

1. When forging large forgings, longitudinal bending and axial deflection should be avoided for each upsetting. The high-speed steel after upsetting cannot be corrected at the edge of the hammer anvil, and can only be chamfered, straightened and upset again at the center of the hammer anvil. The raw material should be sawn with both ends parallel and perpendicular to the axis. If the blanking aspect ratio is large, in order to achieve normal upsetting, the blank must be chamfered first, that is, the "riveting upsetting method" is used for upsetting. Large forging price

2. When forging large forgings, the feeding amount and indentation amount of the forging hammer should be uniform each time it is stretched, and no hard indentation may be caused on the surface of the blank. The flipping should also be diligent and even, and resolutely prevent the blank from being hammered repeatedly at the same part, so as to prevent the deformation energy of hammering from being converted into huge heat energy, causing local heating, overheating and cracking of the metal. At the same time, pay attention to the fire color of the easy-to-cool parts such as the edges and corners of the forging. If it is found that the cooling is serious, chamfering and hammering should be carried out immediately to increase the temperature of the forging and keep the overall temperature of the forging uniform.

3. Master the forging principle of "two light and one heavy", that is, light tapping at the beginning and heavy tapping at 950-1100. Large forging price

4. Determine the heating times according to the upsetting requirements. If the forging temperature drops to 900-950 and the forging ratio requirement is not met (the number of upsetting and drawing is not enough), it should be placed in a high temperature furnace for secondary heating, instead of being placed in a low temperature furnace or a heat preservation barrel for cooling, and it is not allowed to be placed on the ground Cool on.

5. For some forgings that have been completely forged according to the process requirements, if they need to be re-forged for some reasons, the operator must ask the process department to anneal the original forgings before restarting the construction. Large forging price

Price of large forgings: the purpose and significance of quality control of large forgings

Forging is one of the key technologies for major equipment manufacturing. Its quality directly affects the overall level and operational reliability of major equipment. It is the basis for the development of electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, petrochemical, heavy machinery, national defense and other industries, and the premise for the development of advanced equipment manufacturing. Therefore, the quality control of large forgings is very important. Only by ensuring the quality of forgings can we manufacture better large forgings, improve the overall level of my country's major equipment and the safety and reliability of operation, and promote the development of my country's industry.

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