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How to protect the appearance and quality control of large shaft forgings?

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Shaft large forgings are workpieces or blanks obtained by forging and metal workpieces. Applying pressure to the metal blank causes plastic deformation, which alters the mechanical properties. According to the temperature of the blank during processing, forgings can be divided into cold forging, hot forging and hot forging. Cold forging is usually carried out at room temperature, while hot forging is carried out at a temperature higher than the recrystallization temperature of the metal workpiece. Let us follow the editor to briefly understand how to protect the appearance and quality control of large shaft forgings?

Storage of large shaft forgings: There must be a special storage table with wood or painted carbon steel brackets or pads with rubber pads to be isolated from carbon steel and other metal materials. During storage, the storage location should be easy to lift, relatively isolated from other material storage areas, and protective measures should be taken to prevent stainless steel from being polluted by dust, oil and rust.

Hoisting: Special hoisting tools, such as belts, special chucks, etc., should be used. It is strictly forbidden to use wire rope to avoid scratching the surface, and please avoid collisions and scratches.

Transportation: During transportation, trolleys, batteries and other transportation tools should be used, and isolation and protection measures should be taken to prevent dust and oil from contaminating stainless steel.

Processing area: The processing area of ​​the forging should be relatively fixed. Platforms in the forging area should be isolated with rubber pads. Strengthen the fixed management and civilized production in the processing area to prevent damage and pollution to large shaft forgings.

Machining: During the coil and bending process, effective measures should be taken to prevent scratches and wrinkles on the stainless steel surface.

After the design of large shaft forgings is completed, the quality should be controlled to ensure that the provided forgings have the dimensional accuracy and beautiful performance requirements specified in the drawing. That is, to control the entire production process from raw material selection to post-forging heat treatment to ensure the stability of production quality and product integrity. So what does the quality management of large shaft forgings include?

1. Forging quality

The main purpose of quality assurance is to ensure that the dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties and design drawings of the order unit and other special requirements specified in the technical requirements meet all products

2. Quality management

Quality management is the regular measurement and inspection of variable parameters in production and the geometry, surface quality and mechanical properties of forgings. Compare the measurement results with the standard and technical requirements to determine whether some factors of the forging production process need to be changed, so as to realize the control of the forging quality, so that the fluctuation of the forging quality does not exceed the technical requirements of the ordering unit.

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