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Power generation equipment forgings technical conditions

Power generation equipment forgings technical conditions

The main shaft ingot is used for direct forging. The axis of the main shaft should be kept consistent with the center line of the ingot as far as possible, and both ends of the ingot should be fully cut off so that the main shaft has no shrinkage holes, serious segregation and other harmful defects. The main shaft of the power generation equipment forging is formed by forging equipment with sufficient tonnage, and the forging ratio is greater than 3.5 to ensure forging penetration and uniform structure. Unless otherwise stipulated in the order contract, the good end of the ingot must be the flange end. After the spindle performance heat treatment, check the uniformity of Gauss hardness, so that the hardness difference of the same spindle surface does not exceed 30HBW. There are no defects such as cracks, gate points, shrinkage holes, fractures, serious segregation, and serious non-gold inclusions agglomeration on the main shaft that affect the performance and surface quality. The inner hole surface inspection is carried out on the spindle with center hole, the inner hole surface is clean, free of dirt, heat peeling, rust, tool debris, grinding marks, scratches and spiral flow lines, etc., and the transition between different hole diameters is smooth, no sharp Angle or sharp edge, then, let's learn about the technical conditions of power generation equipment forgings!





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